Residents in the City of Amery are billed quarterly for utility services.   Meters are read at the end of March, June, September, and December.  Garbage, through Waterman’s Sanitation, is billed by the City and included as part of the quarterly bill. All garbage changes must be made by calling Taylor Larson, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer (715-268-3410) at City Hall. 

The City offers several options that make receiving and paying utility bills easy.

Utility Bill Delivery

Residents interested in receiving their bills via email instead of via mail can fill out a form.  Receiving bills via email expedites receiving the bill by several days and eliminates the chance of the bill being lost.  The form can be dropped off at City Hall, mailed back, or emailed to Taylor Larson, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer.


Residents have several options for paying utility bills:

  • Automatic Payment:  With one easy form your utility bill can be pulled via ACH from your bank account. All ACH payments are processed on the 10th of the month the payment is due.   This option is free and eliminates the worry of sending payment for a bill.
  • Mail: Payments can be mailed to 104 Maple St W, STE A, Amery, WI 54001 and will be processed upon arrival. Any mailed payments that arrive at City Hall after the due date are subject to late charge.
  • City Hall Dropbox:  Payments can be placed in one of the drop boxes located at City Hall 24/7.  One drop box is accessible via car on the Northwest corner of the City Center near the Library’s blue book drop.  The other box can be found mounted on the wall outside City Hall’s South entrance. 
  • City Hall Counter:  Payments can be made at City Hall’s front window in the City Center.   City Hall is open from 7am to 5pm Monday-Thursday.
  • Online Card Payment:   The City of Amery uses a 3rd party, Allpaid, to process card transactions for Utility Payments.  Payments made via Allpaid are subject to Allpaid’s convenience fee.

If you have any questions about the different payment options call Taylor Larson, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer at 715-268-3410.

The City of Amery will be completing a Wastewater Treatment Plant update in 2024 and 2025.  To help cover the cost of the project, the City has worked out a proposed rate increase schedule.   The initial increase of 33.5% went into effect on October 1, 2023.  These increases to sewer rates are necessary to help pay for the Westwater Treatment Plants update.  Rates are available to view here and are also listed on the back of Utility Bills that are mailed out.  

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