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North Twin Lake

North Twin Lake is a 135-acre lake located in the heart of the City of Amery with a maximum water depth of 27 feet. North Twin Lake provides year round recreational activities for the residents and visitors alike. The lake is accessed by a boat launch on north Keller Avenue.


As a year-round destination for recreational activities the lake supports enough room to allow both skiers and fisherman to enjoy the lake at the same time. Fishing is very popular on North Twin Lake offering the following species of fish: Sunfish, Large Mouth Bass, Northern Pike, Crappie, Bluegill, Bullheads, and Walleye. Once in a while a Muskie is caught and is a welcome surprise to pull one in.


Fishing in the summer is a perfect place to take the kids out to catch a mess of Sunfish or just for guys to toss out a couple top water lures to caught a nice Large Mouth Bass. Summer is not the only time to fish on the lake, winter can see so many fish houses that a City with in a City is created. The last weekend in January the Amery Catholic Church sponsors an annual ice fishing contest drawing hundreds of people to participate.


Fishing is not the only activity the lake sees, many speed boats can be seen on weekends throughout the summer pulling skiers or tubers across the lake. Personal watercraft are also part of the summer time activity on Amery's premier lake. Cursing on your pontoon on a cool summer night is an enjoyable activity for Amery Residents.


North Twin Lake is a also a great place to take in all that nature has to offer by watching the wildlife. Bald Eagles and Loons are a common site on the lake. Often you will see a Loon diving for a fish or a Bald Eagle swooping down to catch a meal of a Walleye or Northern Pike. Every year there is a nesting pair of Loons on the lake.
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