Wastewater Treatment Plant

The City of Amery's Wastewater Treatment Plant will be going through a significant upgrade in 2024 and 2025.  The facility began operating at its current location in the 1940's. In the 1960’s it went through a major upgrade adding the containment rings, and then in 1995 it underwent its last major upgrade.  The plant has been maintained over the years, but it is now in need of a major upgrade to replace outdated equipment and to remain in compliance with DNR regulations.   The City of Amery is working with the engineering firm S.E.H on the project. S.E.H. has prepared a Wastewater Treatment Facility Plan, and the recommendation has been to leave the Wastewater Treatment Plant as its current location and make the needed upgrades.  Leaving the plant at its current location is the most cost-effective option and the site has enough land for future expansion.

Amery Wastewater Treatment Plant

Since the initial construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant, the City of Amery has continued to expand, and the plant is now located in a residential neighborhood. Per DNR regulations, a 500ft zoning radius is required to limit future residential and commercial construction. The engineering firm provided a map of the properties located in the radius.  The radius would not stop all construction for these properties and a frequently asked questions sheet is available for review.  The zoning ordinance would be adopted into the City’s existing zoning code and would work with codes that already exist for nonconforming structures.

In preparation for the large remodel at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, the City has worked out a sewer rate increase schedule to help cover the costs of the project.  The initial rate increase was the largest at 33.5%, and then smaller increases are scheduled to follow. A breakdown of the proposed rate increases can be found on Page 7 of the sewer rate increase presentation.  For more information about Utility Bill’s, check out the City’s Utilities page.