Fire Committee

The City of Amery currently operates a Fire Department with the Towns of Lincoln, Alden and Black Brook.  It has been agreed upon that the Towns should have a greater voice in the operation of the Fire Department than in years passed resulting in the creation of the Fire Committee.  

The Fire Committee shall act in an advisory capacity and will exercise responsibility over the fiscal and operational management of the Fire Department.  

The Committee is made up of 7 representatives from the different municipalities: 2 from the Town of Lincoln, 2 from the City of Amery, 1 from the Town of Black Brook, 1 from the Town of Alden, and the 7th member being the Fire Chief.  

Alan "Ace" Carlson - Town of Lincoln -
Mike Gould - Town of Lincoln -
George Fowler - Town of Black Brook -
Keith Karpenski - Town of Alden -
Rick Van Blaricom - City of Amery -
Sharon Marks - City of Amery -