Native Plantings


Native plants are those species of flowers and grasses that are naturally found in this area. These perennial species are well adapted to the climate in northwest Wisconsin and are integral parts of the local ecosystems. Above ground, they will:

  • Absorb the impact of falling rain
  • Attract birds and butterflies to pollinate
  • Provide habitat for wildlife
  • Slow the movement of runoff water


Underground, their deep root systems will stabilize the soil to prevent erosion and increase infiltration. Since they are native to this area, native plants will also require minimal maintenance (occasional weeding and watering) once they are established.

 Find a Plant

To decide which plants are right for your property, consult the Polk County Native Plant Lists and choose the plant that corresponds to the sun and soil conditions of your property.

Invasive Plants

Not all naturally-occurring plants are native, though. Keep an eye out for exotic and invasive species, some of which resemble native species. The Common Terrestrial Invasive Plants List (PDF) is a useful resource for identifying invasive plants in your yard or garden.